Industries – MouldTech Systems

Cross-sectoral competences
adapted to the needs of our partners


Tool manufacturing

We have more than two decades of experience and expertise in the field of large-scale industrial or customized tool production. Our partners include companies ranked among the most reliable by both industry and end users.

Heavy industries

We want to shape the industry of the future. That's why we offer real help to our heavy industry partners through our developments and by responding quickly to their specific needs.


Quality in health and medical technology can never be relativised. Our engineers and staff work to produce the highest quality components and tools possible, as well as premium devices of our own design.


Our creative solutions and in-house-designed tools, dreamed up in our Innovation Centre, opens new areas of use for those committed to digitalisation and automation.


We provide fresh, practical solutions for both the development and construction sectors of the automotive industry. We are trusted by our widely known partners for the smallest and most basic cable connectors, design elements, electronic components or even large volume components.


The quality and reliability of the tools and parts we manufacture guarantee the development of our partners and that they can also serve their customers in the highest possible quality.


We are NATO-certified, so our special solutions give us an unobstructed presence in the defence industry.


Players in heavy sectors such as the railway industry and the watercraft industry have special, often tailored demands for specific projects, for which our highly qualified staff provide immediate solutions.


Our skills and competence management in machining and processing special materials enable us to serve industries with special needs, such as aerospace and aeronautics.


We not only participate in the cross-industry developments of our partners, but we also working to help reform the future of agriculture with our own solutions. We believe, this area holds exceptional excitement!