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Engineering Partnership Project

Alfa Tipo 184



When the names of Juan Manuel Fangio or Guiseppe Farina are mentioned in educated society, the image of a driver wearing a crash helmet flashing in a fiery red rocket immediately flashes before the mind's eye.

One of the most dazzling racing cars ever, the Alfa Tipo 158, which, among other things, finished first in the first official Formula 1 race, overturned the top of the world forty-seven times during its thirteen-year career. Gioacchino Colombo's timeless design immediately enchants even those with little affinity for cars, so it's no wonder that a professional star mechanic finally found a way to revive the popular model.

The ready-to-assemble, authentic Alfa Tipo 184 kit (the updated name refers to the 1.8, 4-cylinder engine) was created based on the designs of Ant Anstead, the protagonist of the show "Autókreszék", which has been running successfully on the Discovery Channel for almost two decades, which - if even in pieces - finally delivers a legendary piece of car racing history to your home at an affordable price, not least on a reliable basis.

This time, the reliable base is a second-generation Mazda MX-5 NB (Miata), and Dowsetts Classic Cars, which distributes the kit, provides all the tools to convert the roadster, which is also easily available in Hungary.

The 10,000-pound starter package is quite generous for the kit: it includes the unique, classic tubular frame, the hand-built body panels, the aluminum grille, the also handcrafted exhaust and gear rods, as well as the laser-cut dashboard and steering column. The transformation into a true Tipo in every sense of the word reaches its peak after buying only a few additional packages (custom seats, the same as the original, additional braking system, cooling system, etc.), but the bill still comes to just under £18,000. No special skills are required for assembly, and the end result is absolutely breathtaking.

As a result of a special British-Hungarian collaboration, thanks to the work of expert engineers from MouldTech Systems in Zalaegerszeg, the converted quadricycle can now be assembled from safe, validated components.

Manufactured in Hungary using a unique, next-generation precision manufacturing technology, the Tipo184 kit even passes the TÜV test, so the garage's most treasured treasure can finally hit the tarmac in the quality befitting its own legend.

The Tipo184 kit by MouldTech Systems features a cross-linked tubular frame made of 241 parts, a mould set made of a precise fusion of glass-fibre reinforced plastic moulds and 3D printed parts, a sixteen-part end panel made of 1.5mm aluminium sheets and a 25-part cooling wheel made of 2.5mm aluminium sheets.


As the European logistics and distribution partner of Dowsetts Classic Cars, MouldTech Systems, in partnership with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics' Research and Innovation Centre, is continuously working to ensure that the Tipo184 replica concept meets the challenges of the 21st century - all by utilising the capabilities of the ZalaZone Automotive Innovation Centre.

During the product development process, MouldTech Systems' top engineers have created their own components with artistic finesse, and their latest in-house development exceeds even the wildest dreams: for the first time in history, the legendary racing car will be fully electrically powered! It took just five months from the first stroke of the pen to the finished car, and the result is more than impressive: the 280 hp dream car, weighing less than a tonne, with a top speed of 260 km/h, 310 nM of torque and a battery pack of 52kWh (400 Volts), is a worthy competitor in its class.


Deep analytics, comprehensive material knowledge and added engineering innovation are guaranteed to meet the famously high demands of European and UK manufacturing. In addition, the development of the study car that underpins series production has created an unprecedented knowledge base that will pave the way for the company to open up to further automotive developments. In partnership with the BME, the Tipo184 kit will be integrated into the university curriculum to motivate current and future students to start their careers in the automotive industry.

Be part of the legend!

The Alfa Tipo 184 is available both as a car-kit and also as a fully assembled and validated turnkey version as well!